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Forensic Services

Mr. Gilbert is a forensic social worker who regularly testifies in district, superior, and federal court in North Carolina. He has been tendered as an expert witness in Licensed Clinical Social Work, child welfare, sexual offending behavior and child sexual abuse.

Mr. Gilbert provides case consultation and works closely with attorneys throughout North Carolina to offer evaluation services for their clients. He regularly testifies to his evaluation findings in child sexual abuse, sexual offender, parental fitness, and child custody cases. 

Mr. Gilbert frequently lectures at professional conferences, conducts trainings, and has published in national peer-reviewed journals. He is a Board Certified Licensed Clinical Social Worker and clinical member of the National Organization of Forensic Social Workers. He is also a clinical member of The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) and a clinicial member of the NC Association for the Management and Treatment of Sexual Offenders (NCAMTSO).

Mr. Gilbert works closely with other licensed professionals (doctors, attorneys, pharmacists, dentists, mental health clinicians) to help address licensing board complaints. He conducts evaluations to address substance use, abuse, and dependency, and mental health and professional misconduct to include sexual behavior problems. His evaluations are used by attorneys to offer clinical recolmmendations to state licensing boards. 

Mr. Gilbert assists university students to address concerns with thier Office of Student Conduct. He evaluates students who have legal citations for underage drinking, assesses substance use, abuse or dependency, and conducts evlautions for mental health and sexual conduct concerns. He conducts evaluations and assessments on behalf of students to satisfy requirements of their Office of Student Conduct.  

Mr. Gilbert is a Rostered North Carolina Trauma Clinician and a North Carolina Child Welfare Scholar. He provides forensic services, to include foresnic interviews and trauma interventions to survivors of child abuse and neglect, adult sexual assault, and traumatic experiences. 

He is a Federal United States sex offender evaluator  and treatment provider (SOSE and Psychosexual) and a North Carolina Department of Community Corrections sex offender evaluator and treatment provider (SOSE and Psychosexual) where he evaluates and treats adults and juveniles accross a wide spectrum of differing sexual behavior problems. 
































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